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RIM First People, LLC is a Native-owned and operated company, and a part of the RIM Family of Companies. We specialize in participatory design, adding significant value to the client’s project.

We approach participatory design with commitment to incorporating the significance of culture into all stages of a project. Participatory design respects the users of space, regardless of their status or technical know-how.

In almost every project there is a client and a community of users. Every potential user of the project is viewed as an expert in what they do, as a stakeholder whose voice needs to be heard.

RIM First People believes that design ideas arise in collaboration with participants from diverse backgrounds and that the best facility and space designs are articulated by or in collaboration with affected parties, rather than attributed from the outside.
Cultural values and beliefs are an additional dimension to this more human, creative and effective relationship between those involved in design.

Rather than strive to represent identity or culture, our projects create innovative space for culture to happen, to be carried forward and to be acknowledged as an important contribution to society.

We understand that identity is not a style; heritage is not a theme; customs are not a story that a building can tell. Culture is the story of people; it is the story of the user.

This direct involvement of the user becomes a resource useful to the architect as it reinforces the vision and project goals of the client.

Most importantly, user participation acts to invest a community in a project and allows people to transfer the values of their culture and system of beliefs into a project.
  • Chanlyut Center
  • Kwethluk Head Start/Day Care Facility
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council Non-Profit Center
  • Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program Facility
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